A Wedding in Detroit

Last month, we spent a week in Detroit for my brother Alex & Allison’s wedding. We did some sightseeing and spent time with Matt’s family that lives there.

The wedding weekend was an amazing party and very sweet.

My brother Alex and I at the rehearsal dinner.


Cousins singing “Let It Go” at the rehearsal.


My favorite getting ready picture of my sister-in-law Betsy. 🙂

My mom did the flowers, which were beautiful.

My dad loved the Hora chair dance.

Detroit Zoo

Mason meeting a boa.

Hanging out at the zoo with the honeymooners!

Belle Isle, Detroit

We also got to spend time with Matt’s aunt and uncle, cousins, and their kids.

Mason and Charlie even got to be part of their annual summer birthday party!

11 months!


Charlie is 11 months old today! He has four teeth and two more are coming in on the top. He crawls superfast and cruises along furniture and behind his baby shopping cart too fast. I’m busy planning his first birthday party (it’s going to be awesome!), catching him as he falls, stopping him from eating things off the floor, making sure he doesn’t slam his fingers in cupboards, keeping him off of the stairs, and loving making him smile, laugh, peekaboo, sing, dance, and play. Sweet boy!

Winery mini-vacation

Matt & I recently spent a couple days at Cave B Winery with our friends Dan & Kaitlin without our children. Of course we missed them but the weather, food, wine, and location were heaven.

Our fancy yurt! It even had a full bathroom and mini-fridge. There was a beautiful round skylight at the top, right above the bed so you could see the stars (which doesn’t exactly work if you wear contacts) but that skylight wasn’t so awesome at 5 am. I wish I had my eye mask.

After dinner bocce tournament.

Long-time pals.

I lucked out cause Dan’s wife is awesome. (So did Dan ;)).

10 months!

Charlie is 10 months! (This is late – he was 10 months on 5/20 :). His top two teeth have broken through and he has a nice gappy smile. He’s crawling and cruising all over the place so we’re now in that tricky phase where he is wanting to explore all the time but not quite stable enough to not bonk his head or get into something he shouldn’t. Up go the baby jails!