Fourth of July

Our neighborhood has a cute 4th of July parade every year. It’s one of my favorite events.

My dad is “coaching” Mason and Cole during the tug-o-war but he looks a little high-pressure.

We also had Charlie’s first birthday party and a BBQ for friends and family on the 4th.

11 months!


Charlie is 11 months old today! He has four teeth and two more are coming in on the top. He crawls superfast and cruises along furniture and behind his baby shopping cart too fast. I’m busy planning his first birthday party (it’s going to be awesome!), catching him as he falls, stopping him from eating things off the floor, making sure he doesn’t slam his fingers in cupboards, keeping him off of the stairs, and loving making him smile, laugh, peekaboo, sing, dance, and play. Sweet boy!

10 months!

Charlie is 10 months! (This is late – he was 10 months on 5/20 :). His top two teeth have broken through and he has a nice gappy smile. He’s crawling and cruising all over the place so we’re now in that tricky phase where he is wanting to explore all the time but not quite stable enough to not bonk his head or get into something he shouldn’t. Up go the baby jails!



Charlie has his two bottom teeth, and the top two are almost through. Don’t mind the boogers — he also has a yucky cold at the same time. Poor guy! Although he’s still “the happiest baby” (my sister-in-law-to-be Allison’s nickname for him).

Easter Bunnies

Easter Egg Hunt #1 (the Oliver’s):


Easter Egg Coloring:


Easter Vigil Church Service:


Easter Egg Hunt #2 (BPIC):


Easter Egg Hunt #3 (home):


Easter Egg Hunt #4 (Nonna’s house):

Charlie is wearing one of Matt’s baby outfits.

And now for the official “grown ups” egg hunt at Nonna’s:

It’s very serious.

I was pretty proud of myself for finding 11 eggs but only 1 had a prize in it. Boo.

Even if you’re dressed nice, you have to suit up.  The grown-up egg hunt involves rocks and hills and mud.