Winery mini-vacation

Matt & I recently spent a couple days at Cave B Winery with our friends Dan & Kaitlin without our children. Of course we missed them but the weather, food, wine, and location were heaven.

Our fancy yurt! It even had a full bathroom and mini-fridge. There was a beautiful round skylight at the top, right above the bed so you could see the stars (which doesn’t exactly work if you wear contacts) but that skylight wasn’t so awesome at 5 am. I wish I had my eye mask.

After dinner bocce tournament.

Long-time pals.

I lucked out cause Dan’s wife is awesome. (So did Dan ;)).


7 years!


Yesterday was our seven year anniversary. With a really little one, it didn’t make sense to get a babysitter so we made it a family day (but I’ll take a raincheck :). Morning at home, then the zoo, then take-out from a nice restaurant near us. It was a great day. I honestly don’t think I would have changed a thing. It would be nice to have an adult conversation over drinks and dinner at a great restaurant without kids. But we’ll only have this time with tiny kids calling the shots for a few years. The majority of our anniversaries will be just the two of us so time to enjoy these now!


Charlie slept through most of the zoo.


Mason rode a camel!