Mason started kindergarten!

Last week, Mason started kindergarten! It was bittersweet: so excited for him to make new friends and have new experiences, but sad to not have him at home.


Mason’s Bedroom

I always meant to put up pictures of what we did with Mason’s new room before Charlie was born but it just didn’t happen. Or maybe I did? It’s a blur.


I wanted it to be a summer camp-boy scout theme — not too big boyish but not filled with cartoon characters.

He has a queen bed now (his room doubles as a guest room) that was the guest bed. Matt and I made the headboard (foam & fabric covered plywood). The Camp banner is from Etsy and the large M is from a letterman’s jacket website.


The blanket on the end of the bed is not a wool Hudson Bay Co blanket — it’s fleece! I searched and searched for a fleece version so I could easily wash it and had to order this from Canada over the phone from the department store Lord & Taylor.




That’s Matt’s dad’s actual Cub Scout uniform from the 50s.


I dyed several drop cloths army green and Matt sewed them to resemble the front of a tent. Behind the tent is toy storage, fan, and a chalkboard.


Easter Bunnies

Easter Egg Hunt #1 (the Oliver’s):


Easter Egg Coloring:


Easter Vigil Church Service:


Easter Egg Hunt #2 (BPIC):


Easter Egg Hunt #3 (home):


Easter Egg Hunt #4 (Nonna’s house):

Charlie is wearing one of Matt’s baby outfits.

And now for the official “grown ups” egg hunt at Nonna’s:

It’s very serious.

I was pretty proud of myself for finding 11 eggs but only 1 had a prize in it. Boo.

Even if you’re dressed nice, you have to suit up.  The grown-up egg hunt involves rocks and hills and mud.


Mason’s 5th Birthday Party

Mason’s birthday was a crazy bounce house lego party.  It was supposed to be a pool party but the facility had to close the pool at the last minute.  Mason wasn’t bothered by this, especially once his friends showed up and he got to open presents.

He was super impressed with his cake.  This was the easiest birthday party we have ever hosted:  I made no crafty things, there were very few decorations, and only pizza, juice/water, and cake.  It was great.