Spring gardening


10 months!

Charlie is 10 months! (This is late – he was 10 months on 5/20 :). His top two teeth have broken through and he has a nice gappy smile. He’s crawling and cruising all over the place so we’re now in that tricky phase where he is wanting to explore all the time but not quite stable enough to not bonk his head or get into something he shouldn’t. Up go the baby jails!

Mason’s Bedroom

I always meant to put up pictures of what we did with Mason’s new room before Charlie was born but it just didn’t happen. Or maybe I did? It’s a blur.


I wanted it to be a summer camp-boy scout theme — not too big boyish but not filled with cartoon characters.

He has a queen bed now (his room doubles as a guest room) that was the guest bed. Matt and I made the headboard (foam & fabric covered plywood). The Camp banner is from Etsy and the large M is from a letterman’s jacket website.


The blanket on the end of the bed is not a wool Hudson Bay Co blanket — it’s fleece! I searched and searched for a fleece version so I could easily wash it and had to order this from Canada over the phone from the department store Lord & Taylor.




That’s Matt’s dad’s actual Cub Scout uniform from the 50s.


I dyed several drop cloths army green and Matt sewed them to resemble the front of a tent. Behind the tent is toy storage, fan, and a chalkboard.




Charlie has his two bottom teeth, and the top two are almost through. Don’t mind the boogers — he also has a yucky cold at the same time. Poor guy! Although he’s still “the happiest baby” (my sister-in-law-to-be Allison’s nickname for him).