Winery mini-vacation

Matt & I recently spent a couple days at Cave B Winery with our friends Dan & Kaitlin without our children. Of course we missed them but the weather, food, wine, and location were heaven.

Our fancy yurt! It even had a full bathroom and mini-fridge. There was a beautiful round skylight at the top, right above the bed so you could see the stars (which doesn’t exactly work if you wear contacts) but that skylight wasn’t so awesome at 5 am. I wish I had my eye mask.

After dinner bocce tournament.

Long-time pals.

I lucked out cause Dan’s wife is awesome. (So did Dan ;)).


Palm Springs

Mid-November we went to Palm Springs with our friends Keith & Cori.  It’s amazing.  I would live there at least 4 months out of the year.

The Living Desert Zoo/Museum

Riding a giant CHiPs-style motorcycle at the Children’s Museum

Charlie sunning his buns at his first pool.  It wasn’t really warm enough to swim but we had to take advantage of it. And the pool was heated.

The thrift shopping was amazing (this picture was needlepoint – in a different frame, AMAZING).

More thrift shopping.

Cori & I hit up a drag show…

… and a few hours later, after 5 or so $3 mimosas, Cori and I were having a gooood time.  (I don’t get out much.)

* Matt was in Palm Springs, too, but he must have been the photographer this trip because I didn’t have many photos of him.  He was not at the drag show. 🙂

Sunny Seaside


Last week, we went to the Oregon Coast for five days with one of our oldest friends. They have three kids around our kids’ ages.

The weather was amazing. 70 and sunny the whole time. It felt like August!


Seaside Carousel


Seaside Aquarium



Seaside Arcade


Tillamook Cheese Factory


Charlie & Santanna being friendly





Summer To-Do List

Update:  The ones we’ve done I’ve crossed out.

{Mason and his cousin Luca last summer}

It’s time!  My most absolute favorite favorite favorite season of the year.  I wish it were summer all year long.  Joy joy joy joy joy!

I love reading other blogger’s summer wish-lists {like this one} and am determined to accomplish the following {without overcommitting ourselves}.  This is my summer fun list, not my “have to do” list like finish potty training Mason or clean out the garage again.

  1. Go camping in a tent.
  2. Make homemade jam.
  3. Kayak.
  4. Take a class {focus of class TBD}.
  5. Eat broccoli, zucchini and lettuce grown in our garden.
  6. Go to the drive-in.
  7. Pick berries.
  8. Go to the Tacoma Flea Market/swap meet.
  9. Hit up the following gelaterias and ice cream shops:  D’Ambrosio Gelateria, Fainting Goat Gelato, Half Pint, Procopio Gelateria, Molly Moon’s, Mora Iced Creamery, etc etc etc.
  10. See the last Harry Potter movie.
  11. Go to a festival (lavendar in Sequim? Scottish Highland Games in Enumclaw? Solstice Parade in Fremont? Bumbershoot? hmmm.)
  12. Go on a hike.
  13. Make gluten-free crusty bread from scratch.
  14. Play in the Puget Sound at Dash Point State Park.
  15. Make popsicles.
  16. Get Mason’s face painted.
  17. Hit up the local farmer’s market.
  18. Take Matt’s ’58 Chevy Impala out for a Sunday drive.
  19. Go to a Mariner’s game.
  20. Go to a local water park.
  21. Go to a rodeo.
  22. Make a blueberry ice cream pie.
  23. Sidewalk chalk the driveway.
  24. Bring home watermelons from Hermiston.
  25. Have a long, boozy brunch {this is not on Mason’s list}.

I also have my own personal list with really deep things like “Become more authentic” and “Reduce size of inner thighs” but then you would hold me to those resolutions and I don’t want to disappoint. 

To summer!  {Downs glass of vinho verde.  Check that off the list.}

Weekends with Chuck E.

We finally did it:  we took Mason to Chuck E. Cheese.  Not out of the goodness of our hearts, though.  It was a birthday party for a friend of his.  It was all we could have dreamed of and more.

Mason even managed to claim one of the birthday boy’s balloons as his own. 

On a side note, we asked Mason what kind of party he wanted for this 2nd birthday and he said, “balloons.”  Which is great because it means we were right on with his balloon-themed first birthday party last year {pictures here and here}.  And I have tons of balloons leftover.  Shoot, we could even whiteout the invitations from last year and use them again!  No we will not do that, Matt, I draw the line there.

My brother-in-law Fabio enjoyed himself.

Olivia’s Wedding

My good friend Olivia got married last week, and I was so honored to be part of the festivities.  Her wedding was amazing {especially the location — Benaroya Hall in downtown Seattle}, she was gorgeous, and I am so happy for her and her husband Billy.  {Forgive the quality and lighting of the photos, taken with my measly camera.}

Flowers were done by my mom, so of course they were gorgeous.

Me and handsome date.  Matt & I have to be better about taking pictures together — this was the only one we had!

Mr. Mom

Our friend Josh Wainscott was profiled in the Seattle Times on Sunday about being a stay-at-home dad.  Good for Josh & Ashley for figuring out what works for their family, even if it means traditional roles are reversed.  You can follow Josh’s blog about being a stay-at-home dad here.