Charlie is 3 weeks old today! We made it 3 weeks without Mason trying to pick him up out of the bassinet or pack n play, which is better than I thought. At least it was when Mason was trying to stop his crying, not to return him to the hospital or give him away.


Mason still loooves him and is always kissing him and saying how cute and little he is. How could you not love that face!?!

Prepping for Baby: Freezer Meals


On my pre-baby master to-do list (it’s as scary as it sounds) has been to cook some freezer meals since I know I’m going to be frazzled and busy and super hungry. Matt & Mason are camping tonight so I spent a couple undisturbed hours baking and cooking.

Here’s what I made and the sources:

– Chocolate Banana Muffins (1 dozen)
Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Muffins (2 dozen)
Breakfast Burritos (1 dozen – I doubled the recipe and wouldn’t use as much frozen spinach as it called for)

I am exhausted. I’d like to make & freeze a chicken broccoli stir fry and marinate some meat buuuut…I am pretty pleased with what I got done tonight. I’ll considered this to-do item done.

Nursery update: lobster wallpaper

When we found out we were having another boy, it didn’t make a lot of sense to repaint the nursery. (That doesn’t mean I didn’t want to).


For Mason, we went with a bright turquoise/teal I believe called blue spa from Benjamin Moore.


That was nearly 5 years ago though so I kinda wanted to go paler, pastelly baby colors like this mint sheepy themes room. Instead, for lack of time and energy, we just decided to play off the current paint color and add some wallpaper.


It’s temporary wallpaper from the brilliant website Spoonflower. It was actually really easy to put up even though we have never wallpapered before. It was pre-pasted wallpaper so we had to soak it in the bathtub, then hang it on the wall and trim after it dried. Even though we screwed up on following the instructions a few times, it ended up working really well. And when we’re done with it, we should just be able to peel it off and wipe off the dried glue with a soapy sponge.


Now the room is going a little more nautical (those are blue lobsters and anchors on the wallpaper). Not as serene and calm as I was intending but cute nonetheless.