A Wedding in Detroit

Last month, we spent a week in Detroit for my brother Alex & Allison’s wedding. We did some sightseeing and spent time with Matt’s family that lives there.

The wedding weekend was an amazing party and very sweet.

My brother Alex and I at the rehearsal dinner.


Cousins singing “Let It Go” at the rehearsal.


My favorite getting ready picture of my sister-in-law Betsy. 🙂

My mom did the flowers, which were beautiful.

My dad loved the Hora chair dance.

Detroit Zoo

Mason meeting a boa.

Hanging out at the zoo with the honeymooners!

Belle Isle, Detroit

We also got to spend time with Matt’s aunt and uncle, cousins, and their kids.

Mason and Charlie even got to be part of their annual summer birthday party!


Fourth of July

Our neighborhood has a cute 4th of July parade every year. It’s one of my favorite events.

My dad is “coaching” Mason and Cole during the tug-o-war but he looks a little high-pressure.

We also had Charlie’s first birthday party and a BBQ for friends and family on the 4th.

Easter Bunnies

Easter Egg Hunt #1 (the Oliver’s):


Easter Egg Coloring:


Easter Vigil Church Service:


Easter Egg Hunt #2 (BPIC):


Easter Egg Hunt #3 (home):


Easter Egg Hunt #4 (Nonna’s house):

Charlie is wearing one of Matt’s baby outfits.

And now for the official “grown ups” egg hunt at Nonna’s:

It’s very serious.

I was pretty proud of myself for finding 11 eggs but only 1 had a prize in it. Boo.

Even if you’re dressed nice, you have to suit up.  The grown-up egg hunt involves rocks and hills and mud.



The first sunrise.  It’s a tradition to watch the first sunrise because our internal clocks are off and we wake up really early.

We spent 10 days in Kauai with my parents, grandparents, brother/his family, and some family friends.  I’m starting to think I could live there.

Mason is a champion snorkeler.  Anini Beach

Love this picture.


The whole family.


My sister-in-law Betsy body boarding in Hanalei.

No, really, she did.

My brother Jordan the lifeguard.

My nephew Cole.

This is not a homeless person.  It’s my grandpa napping in the shade.  He’s alive, don’t worry.

Mason caught a gecko and it was his pet for the day.  He named it Gecky.

Kilohana Plantation train ride (that’s a pineapple field).

Jordan’s telling Mason (beside me) that he has his eye on him so he’d better behave.

Peyton plays cards with great-grandpa and great-grandma.

A lot of this happened.

Poipu Beach

Mason & nana snorkeling at Poipu

Awesome luau at the Grand Hyatt.  I love mai tais…

You can’t tell from this picture but Mason loved the hula dancers.  He wants to learn how to hula.


The Williams family spent Thanksgiving together at Lake Entiat, near Chelan/Leavenworth.  The entire family!  10 adults and 5 kids (4 months, 1 year, 3 years, 4.5 years & 5 years).  Plus we prepared a delicious from-scratch Thanksgiving dinner and somehow corralled all 5 kids and 2 grandparents to take a grandkid/grandparent family photo.  Amazing.

The boys wrote letters to Santa with their wishlists.

… and delivered them to Santa & Mrs. Claus in Chelan.

Beer in Leavenworth.

More beer in Leavenworth.

and face-painting…

Game night.

Probably the 342nd viewing of Charlie Brown Thanksgiving & Christmas that weekend (no cable + 1 DVD = lots of repeats).

Practice photo session.

These cousins crafted like crazy.

Prepping turkey dinner.  One oven.  We got creative.