Full weekend!

Our weekends are jam-packed as we are now at four weeks and counting till baby arrives. Gulp.


We went to dinner in Seattle with friends and I remembered to take a picture of me and my big old belly. We’ve booked a couple of babysitters during these final weeks to fit in some social occasions. Not much room left in the dress or my belly!


Saturday morning was Mason’s last t-ball game (sorry Mason but thank god). He is very pleased with his participation trophy and will miss the Capri Suns they hand out every game.


I finished painting the second color in Mason’s room. It wasn’t necessary, and was a total pain to get straight and level tape lines and crawl around on the ground, BUT I’m so glad I did it. More to come on Mason’s room later.


Sunday morning was the annual kids’ nature day at the beach with all sorts of sea creatures to learn about. Matt & I both worked at it — me in the arts & crafts tent, Matt doing setup — while Mason ran around with his neighborhood friends.


Sunday afternoon we celebrated Father’s Day with the Williams’ family by visiting the LeMay car museum and dinner. It was actually really interesting and Mason and his cousins really enjoyed it.

Spent! I am SPENT!


Local Tourists

We spent the weekend being tourists.  My brother and his girlfriend (who we met for the first time — love her) were in town from Orlando so we loaded up the car and saw the sites.  Can you spot Mason and Matt watching the fish fly in Pike Place Market?

Mason serenaded us with sea chanteys while we had lunch in the market.

Coffee, kiwi and pistachio gelato (respectively).

And riding the Seattle duck tour with a sleeping kid who, shortly after this, peed his pants.  On my lap.  (Sorry future Mason for posting this on the internet but you’re 3 right now and it happens to the best of us.)  But it was worth it because it’s rare these days that he falls asleep in my lap and so very precious so I’ll take a little pee here and there if it means really great heavy sleepy cuddles where you can sniff his head (it’s not weird — when you have kids, you’ll inhale the top of their heads, too), which smells like fruit roll-up and graham crackers.

Christmas 2011

Hope your holidays were amazing and calm.  Christmas was lovely but never calm :).  Especially after Mason came down with a 103 fever Christmas afternoon (I wondered why he was so laid back about opening presents).  It came on very quickly but he recovered in about 24 hours.  Doing much better now although a liiiiiiiittle cranky.

My favorites from our weekend:

Weekend Recap: Fall Festivities

Mason’s preschool had their annual Harvest Party this weekend.  I was in charge of the ‘pin the nose on the pumpkin’ booth for most of the morning but Mason and Matt made the rounds.

Literally.  There was a cupcake walk that Mason spent probably 30 minutes at, until he finally won a cupcake.  He’s nothing if not determined.

Then it was on to my sister-in-laws, Chrissy and Jeannie, for our monthly Ladies Activity Club for pumpkin decorating.  Needless to say, after decorating the beauty above, I had to be vacuumed off before I could leave.

What did you do this weekend?

Farewell to summer food

We had amazing weather this last weekend for this time of year — sunny, unseasonably warm.   It gave such closure to summer to be able to wear shorts, play outside and leave the windows open.  To celebrate, we had a festive summery dinner on Friday:  ratatouille, quinoa and fresh figs with prosciutto.  I was inspired to make ratatouille by this blog {thanks for the idea!} that has a recipe for ratatouille like from the movie Ratatouille.  The movie is one of Mason’s absolute favorites — mine, too — so we played the movie while Mason helped me cook.  Although I think he was confused because he thinks the rat’s name is ratatouille, so I wonder if he thought we were eating rat.  We weren’t.

I made spiced fig and ricotta pancakes on Saturday morning and they were AMAZING.  Mason ate 7 pancakes {and they were not just the little silver dollar ones}.  The recipe was in the October issue of House Beautiful and I can’t find it online.  Highly recommend!

We just had amazing home-cooked meals all weekend, if I do say so myself.  On Sunday, my sister-in-law Chrissy and I made the best salad ever:  grilled chicken, turkey bacon, spinach, a kind of white cheddary cheese, grilled peaches and cucumbers.  Pretty proud of ourselves.

Weekend Recap: Farewell to summer

Hope you had a great weekend.  We spent it in Hermiston attending a wedding and spending time with the cousins.  Mason has a way with the ladies, at least the ones under a year old.  It was 90+ degrees all weekend, which I loved.  It really felt like we got one last hot weekend in.  And I got to wear my new $10 H&M clearance rack tunic.