Mason’s Bedroom

I always meant to put up pictures of what we did with Mason’s new room before Charlie was born but it just didn’t happen. Or maybe I did? It’s a blur.


I wanted it to be a summer camp-boy scout theme — not too big boyish but not filled with cartoon characters.

He has a queen bed now (his room doubles as a guest room) that was the guest bed. Matt and I made the headboard (foam & fabric covered plywood). The Camp banner is from Etsy and the large M is from a letterman’s jacket website.


The blanket on the end of the bed is not a wool Hudson Bay Co blanket — it’s fleece! I searched and searched for a fleece version so I could easily wash it and had to order this from Canada over the phone from the department store Lord & Taylor.




That’s Matt’s dad’s actual Cub Scout uniform from the 50s.


I dyed several drop cloths army green and Matt sewed them to resemble the front of a tent. Behind the tent is toy storage, fan, and a chalkboard.



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