9 months!


Charlie is 9 months old! Big changes this month — in the span of one week, he started to crawl, got into a sitting position from his tummy, and pulled himself up in his crib! We’ve been scrambling to lower his crib, cover up outlets, figure out a lego protection system, elevate Bruno’s dog bones, sweep and vacuum more, and remember to gate the top of the stairs. Phew!


Charlie is trying new foods (yogurt (yep), papaya (nope)) and eats a lot. He’s not huge (20-40% percentile) but strong and agile (as agile as you can be when your only moves are rolling and crawling).

Weight: 19 lbs 1.5 oz
Height: 27.5″


Charlie loves to hear how loud his voice is and what sounds he can make. He lights up when he sees his two best buddies, Mason and Bruno the dog.


Charlie and I are doing a tot class at Mason’s preschool (with Charlie’s year-and-a-half old cousin Rylin) and it’s cute to see him interact with other babies and toddlers.



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