Mason is 5!

I don’t know how but Mason is 5!  This birthday has me really thrown for a loop — it’s such a milestone.  Only two months left of preschool, we’ve already registered for kindergarten, and he’s outgrowing all his clothes.  He’s a real boy!

A few of my favorite things about Mason:

1.  He is a very skilled, creative Lego builder.

He will play for hours like this.

2.  He’s an awesome older brother.  And Charlie adores him.

3.  He has a very active imagination.

4.  He is a ham with a great sense of humor.

5.  He still sucks his thumb.  It’s cute but challenging because he ingests lots of germs.

6.  He’s a great baker who enjoys helping in the kitchen and can be easily persuaded to bake cookies.

7.  He’s handsome.

8.  He eats more fruits and vegetables than any kid I know.  It’s great but my future bank account is worried.

9.  He loves to swim and wants to get better at swimming.

10.  He loves his mama and isn’t afraid to show it.  When I leave him at preschool, he always covers me in kisses and hugs and I love yous.  (He loves his daddy, too, but I’m writing this).

11.  He loves nature and isn’t cruel.  He’s good about returning creatures to their habitat.

12.  He loves to celebrate.  We made shamrocks for St Patrick’s Day and he proudly wore his.


This last year has been challenging for Mason — new sibling, the loss of his grandpa, and I know we expect more out of him now.  I’m so proud of who he is now, and excited to learn who he will become.  We’re so lucky to be his parents.  We love you Mason!


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