The Williams family spent Thanksgiving together at Lake Entiat, near Chelan/Leavenworth.  The entire family!  10 adults and 5 kids (4 months, 1 year, 3 years, 4.5 years & 5 years).  Plus we prepared a delicious from-scratch Thanksgiving dinner and somehow corralled all 5 kids and 2 grandparents to take a grandkid/grandparent family photo.  Amazing.

The boys wrote letters to Santa with their wishlists.

… and delivered them to Santa & Mrs. Claus in Chelan.

Beer in Leavenworth.

More beer in Leavenworth.

and face-painting…

Game night.

Probably the 342nd viewing of Charlie Brown Thanksgiving & Christmas that weekend (no cable + 1 DVD = lots of repeats).

Practice photo session.

These cousins crafted like crazy.

Prepping turkey dinner.  One oven.  We got creative.



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