Updating an IKEA Dresser


Me assembling an IKEA malm dresser at about 12:30 am.

Mason’s old room — aka the Nursery — never had a dresser in it.  At the time we were assembling the nursery before he was born, I just figured we’d use bins in the closet and a small changing table.  It never really worked all that well.  You can check out what it originally looked like here.

We just changed Mason’s diapers in the bathroom on our long counter.  This kind of was used to store blankets and random hats/bibs/socks but not too functional.  And who keeps their child’s baby book within reach of the actual child?  Total photo staging and totally impracticle.

Those bins in the closet?  Never stayed organized.  Once he got into 12-18 month clothes, nothing fit in those tiny bins.  Sure, you can fit 20 newborn onesies in a little container but this was a total FTMM (first-time mom mistake).  This picture makes me laugh.  Ah, so organized.  So much time on my hands.  I chuckle to myself when I see “nursery reveals” from first-time parents.

So this is what we have now to replace the dum-dum changing table.  A real dresser.  (Well, a particle board dresser).  Next step?  I did finish assembling it so now I want to dress it up a bit and make it look less IKEA-ish.

Option #1:  Campaign Chest

You can buy these awesome things called O’verlays that add the campaign fretwork detail to IKEA furniture.  Just paint and glue.

Or Option #2:  Gold Campaign Corners


I’m kind of leaning toward option #1 to add some color to the dresser.  Opinions?



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