Rhubarb Crisp: My Favorite Recipe

We won a “dessert of the week” at Mason’s school auction a couple months ago, which has been a blessing and a curse.   It’s certainly adding to the baby weight but it’s pretty great to have a ready-to-go dessert sitting around.

My favorite so far has been a rhubarb pie that was TO.DIE.FOR.  Not only was it delivered in a jadeite pie pan — gorgeous against the beautiful red-coral of the baked rhubarb — but it had the most amazing crust and rhubarb filling.  Perfection.

I’m not much of a pie baker but I can whip up a great fruit crisp.  My favorite rhubarb crisp recipe is from Mark Bittman, aka The Minimalist, of the New York Times.  He’s one of my favorites because his recipes are simple and practical but delicious (I’ve raved about his 100 Simple Salads before here).

This is mine.  I don’t care how it looks.  I will lick that pan clean.



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