Baby Williams #2

baby williams #2

No. 2 is well on its way (I’m due in July).  Mason is excited to be a big brother but you can see in his face occasional recognition that things are … changing.

We wanted to surprise Mason and the rest of our families with a Gender Reveal, since they’re all the rage.

Great-Grandma Helen with the time-honored “string and gold ring” gender predictor (she was right :).


It’s a …

boy!!!  Mason had been hoping for a brother and is really pleased (although the week before the ultrasound he started changing his tune to wanting a little sister.  Sigh.).

The winner of the birth date pool gets a lotto ticket for each day of that  month (22 if it’s born on the 22nd, 23 on the 23rd, etc.).  The name pool … weeeeell, that one was more just for fun. 🙂


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