Not all white chairs are a bad idea.

Back in 2009 when we had a newborn and no clue what to expect, we bought six white dining chairs.  We even had them scotchguarded, to no avail (which now grosses me out cause it’s probably all endocrine disrupting chemicals but that’s for another day).

Fast forward three years and these things are nasty.  What really put them over the edge is having to use them as kitchen/everyday chairs for a couple weeks.  Gross. 

At some point, I’d like to recover them in faux leather/vinyl a la this picture (via pinterest) so you can just wipe them up.  But that’s down the road.

Until then, this is a new seating solution in our house.  LOVING them.  They were a screamin’ deal from Overstock (especially compared to similar ones from Pottery Barn), which I learned about from this blog post.  We needed more outdoor dining seating now that our deck is done and were going to go with a bench but these have been fabulous.  A few cushions from Ikea and we are set!


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