Local Tourists

We spent the weekend being tourists.  My brother and his girlfriend (who we met for the first time — love her) were in town from Orlando so we loaded up the car and saw the sites.  Can you spot Mason and Matt watching the fish fly in Pike Place Market?

Mason serenaded us with sea chanteys while we had lunch in the market.

Coffee, kiwi and pistachio gelato (respectively).

And riding the Seattle duck tour with a sleeping kid who, shortly after this, peed his pants.  On my lap.  (Sorry future Mason for posting this on the internet but you’re 3 right now and it happens to the best of us.)  But it was worth it because it’s rare these days that he falls asleep in my lap and so very precious so I’ll take a little pee here and there if it means really great heavy sleepy cuddles where you can sniff his head (it’s not weird — when you have kids, you’ll inhale the top of their heads, too), which smells like fruit roll-up and graham crackers.

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