England Trip Recap (Part 3): London

Our key to our London hotel.  Read the rest of my England trip recap here and here.

We started our England trip with 5 days in London.  It was amazing (so much history), overwhelming (so much to see), exhausting (although I pride myself on being an excellent learner of foreign public transportation), and I can’t wait to go back.  We sampled the sites, hitting up the really old historical (Tower of London, Westminster Abbey) with the more recent historical (Churchill War Rooms) and even the pop culture side of things (Harry Potter museum … cause we’re nerds).

I don’t know if it’s always like this or because of the Olympics, but London was SO CLEAN.  The Underground/tube was spotless.  We also didn’t see any homeless people, which was surprising because London is such a big city.  Probably because we were in central London near touristy areas.

Waiting in the rain to tour the Tower of London.

I think I had my hair up in a bun the entire time.  It’s not my best look, but if I wear scarves and coats and keep my hair down, I end up with dreadlocks.

Borough Market — an amaaazing glass-and-iron enclosed farmer’s market.

This market had everything — hot (alcohol) cider, chocolate, Spanish jamon serrano, amazing cheese, and Cornish pasties.

See how good the Cornish pasties were?  Just kidding.

The Bermondsey Antique Market is a fairly small antique market held outside early on Friday mornings.  I keep kicking myself for not buying some of the smaller silver antiques, especially an old tea strainer.  Darn.

There were only 25 or so stalls and it was a torrential downpour so everything was getting rained on, even old paintings and wood items.  I kept bumping into their tarp roofs with my umbrella and a bucketful of water would dump on me.  Probably an old Cockney antiquing trick.

We came up out of the subway and heard a big clock clanging.  We turned around and almost ran into Big Ben.

Down the street from Big Ben are the Churchill War Rooms, where you can tour the underground offices that Churchill and the British government used during World War II.  It was fascinating.

Pretty good food (and beer) at Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant, followed by an evening showing of The Mousetrap, a favorite Agatha Christie story.

Recognize this place?  It was part of a fascinating and awesomely geeky tour.


Phew!  I think that’s all I’ve got left, although I am realizing that I should have taken more pictures.  Cheerio!



One thought on “England Trip Recap (Part 3): London

  1. Love your scarf! I have the same one and I’ve never actually worn it as a scarf, it’s been living on my couch as a fake throw for months now!

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