England Trip Recap (Part 2): Charming Old Stuff

I like old stuff so going to England was a natural destination for me.  And Matt likes old stuff, too.  In the months-long saga you’ve come to know as our ‘England Trip Recap,’ I give you:  Charming Old Stuff.

We spent three days in the Derby area of east-central England.  This was a mining area so lots of old stone buildings, like this one.  This is the bar at The Peacock at Rowsley, the inn we stayed … in.  It was so cute and charming and old it almost made you cry.

I can’t handle the charmingness.

I’d also like to add that this very room that we stayed in is the same room where Mr. Darcy slept in the most recent Pride & Prejudice.  At least that’s what they told us.  Sold!

It’s just too much.

The stonemason house at a big estate we walked to.  The waitress at our inn told us it was a 10-minute walk.

She was a liar.

I had to stop and take a break.

Next we go to a huge ginormous estate called Chatsworth.  Pictures do not do it justice.  The size of this place and detail is incredible.

People actually live here.

No big deal, just hand-painted de Gourney wallpaper all over the place.

There are a ton more pictures from here cause it’s huuuuge but I won’t bore you.

Ready for more charming old stuff?  Prepare yourself, cause we’re going to the Cotswolds, the capitol of Charming Old Stuff.

This is the charming village at Barnsley, where stayed at the Village Pub (pub + hotel room = genius).

We spent a lot of time in front of that fire with drinks (it was chilly).  I loved this room:  lots of linen, burlap, worn wood, light tweed/plaid and coral velvet.

I felt like I was staying in The Holiday.

On our way to dinner across the street at the manor house.

And finally, a video of us getting lost while driving to Bath narrated with my man voice (I hate how I sound on video … and it might be sideways). Enjoy!


Stay tuned:  England Trip Recap (Part 3):  London.


2 thoughts on “England Trip Recap (Part 2): Charming Old Stuff

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  2. I came across your blog through a link. Visiting England is so much fun. It’s amazing how old the buildings are. I immediately thought I recognized the Chatsworth sculpture room from your photo. Sure enough, it was featured in Pride and Predjudice (the one with Kiera Knightly). In the movie, I’ll never forget one sculpture of a woman with a veil over her face. Amazing. How lovely that you got to see it in reality.

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