Jubilee Weekend & England Trip Recap (Part 1)

Hope you enjoyed the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Weekend!  We didn’t do anything to celebrate except I did drink some of my Queen’s Jubilee tea I bought at Harrod’s on our trip.  In honor of the festivities across the pond I thought I’d show you a few photos from our trip to England last month.  Yes, a month ago.  I’m that behind on things.


Tea at the Wolseley.  We drank a lot of tea.  It was pretty cold and wet the entire time we were there.  I think we had one sunny day the entire 10 days.

More tea.  I did wash my hair that day.  Clearly I am in need of a hair appointment.

More tea. 

And, yes, even more tea.

It was delicious.  After a couple days of sideways wind and rain, I understand why tea is such a big deal.

And then we switched to beer…

This was at Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant.  Delicious.

Everywhere we went in the countryside had amazing local beer and cider.  This was a strawberry cider.  I had two.

Tomorrow:  I’ll show you pictures of us eating.  Just kidding.  Just pictures of amazingly cute villages and cottages, no big deal.


Image via here


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