Agenda Confession

I feel like such a cheater.  ForEVER, I’ve always used a paper weekly planner and I even bought one for 2012.  But I think I may have switched … for now anyway.  We’ve become a Cozi family.  Matt and I both have it on our phones and it’s brilliant:  you can both be updating at the same time and it has calendars and a shopping list.  There are others out there, like Google Calendar, but this is working phenomenally for us.

What about you?  Any online organizers you’ve used that you rave about?


2 thoughts on “Agenda Confession

  1. I love office supplies/paper goods SO much that it almost broke my hear to switch to an online calendar. But then about 2 years ago I finally got a phone that could access one and David forcibly moved me over to Google Calendar. I haven’t looked back since! It is so nice to be able to see the same entries from home or on the go without carrying an extra item, and I adore that I can see David’s calendar (and put things on it!).

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