Suzy Crockpot: Chicken thighs & rice

Lately I’ve been making a lot of chicken & rice crockpot dishes using chicken thighs.  They’re not the most appetizing things to look at (that’s Mason’s dinner — he’s really into frozen peas right now), but they’re easy, good and cheap.

Here’s two favorites: 

And hre’s a list of 50 chicken slow cooker recipes.  Can you imagine if you had 50 meals in the freezer?  Bonus if your freezer looked like this:


2 thoughts on “Suzy Crockpot: Chicken thighs & rice

  1. I definitely need a freezer that looks like that. Wow, that is fantastic. I am also really into chicken thighs lately. I used them in my crock pot chili recipe last week. They are inexpensive, rich and I find that they are a great substitute in cassoulet, or any dish where you may want a richer meat.

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