Warm & Toasty

I double-checked my calendar just in case, because it just doesn’t seem right, but this is the last weekend before Christmas!  Crazy.  I hope our Christmas tree holds up for another few days.  Either way, I will be enjoying holiday beverages and wrapping presents.

I believe my husband will be shopping this weekend (he always plays coy about whether or not he has my gifts).  If you have to shop, too, here’s 5 of my favorite gift guides from around the blogs:

  • A Cup of Jo’s gift guide for “Your Best Friend Who Looks Beautiful Even in a Hoodie Sweatshirt and Knows a Weird Amount of Sound-of-Music Trivia” (although I think this one has good stuff for a variety of females, not just SOM nerds).
  • Lil hoot’s gift guide for men, women, kids and everyone in between.  I particularly liked the personalized lucite trays and kate spade bracelets (doy).
  • Oh Happy Day always has thoughtful, out-of-the-ordinary gift ideas so this one (those scissors!) and this one (I dream of #9) were definitely inspiring.
  • To me, this list of ideas is really what gift-giving at Christmas should be about (but it’s not always the easier way to go).
  • These gifts can come to my home any time.

Happy weekend!

image via pinterest


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