One year ago, I quit my job to stay at home.  The days, the routines, the activities have gotten easier.  What isn’t easier is questioning my decision.  I constantly have a back-and-forth conversation with myself, wondering whether I made the right decision.

I know I made the right choice in the long run (so far, no one has told me they regret spending more time with their children) but there is a personal sacrifice that happens when you change so much of your identity.

I don’t regret my decision and treasure this time with Mason.  At all.  But one thing I’ve learned over the past year is that I need something on the side to work on.  Whether blogging or letterpress or even doing office work for Matt’s business one day a week, it’s important to me to use a different part of my brain and skills, especially a creative outlet.

Kudos to all the moms out there who give up so much of themselves for their kids, and kudos to the moms who balance work and motherhood.  Neither route is easier.  And the hardest part of all is just being at peace with whatever choice you make.


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