Advent Calendar

The advent calendars I was finding just weren’t cutting it.  I found cute ones at JoAnn’s but you literally could only fit an M&M in the little box.  Literally.  So, inspired by the iron-on advent calendar on Oh Happy Day, I made my own.

Total cost:  $22 (not including the goodies inside the bags).  It took me about an hour to print, wait for the ink to dry, cut out the numbers, iron and assemble.  I used 3″x5″ muslin bags that I got at the local craft store. 

Ta da!  Very pleased.

Update:  Mason opened up his first advent calendar today as was so excited (he got a puffy snowman snow globe sticker).  And then … he started throwing a fit because he wanted candy (it was 8 a.m.) and I said no so he started whining and I still said no so he got mad and threw his sticker at me.  So I told him if he was going to throw his advent calendar sticker at me, I will throw it away.  And I did.  Yay!  Christmas joy!  Memories with sweet children! 


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