A problem with patterns.

Can I just brag how on it I am?  (I know, barf, right).  I have 90% of my Christmas shopping done.  Done!  Just a handful of things to get yet and they’re all easy ones.  I also have booked our holiday outings (Polar Express train ride on an old steam train, and Matt & I are spending a night in the city), went through my decorations and designed our Christmas cards.  Our house is a pig-sty, but Christmas is well under way.

But I have two complaints right now:  toddler pajamas and advent calendars.

First:  Toddler pajamas.  All I want is for Mason to be in a set of simple striped holiday pajamas on Christmas morning.  No characters.  They don’t have to even be high quality.  I just don’t want flames or polar bears or gingerbread men screenprinted across his buns. 

Can simple striped pajamas be found?  Yes:

For $40 from Hanna Andersson.  Please.  I have checked (online) at Old Navy, GapKids, Gymboree, JC Penney, Sears (!), The Children’s Place, H&M (whose kids’ clothing I adore), TJ Maxx, Target, Fred Meyer, Amazon.com … nothing.  So keep your eyes open.  A reward to the person who finds me simple striped pajamas in a 3T by Dec. 15th!

Second Complaint:  Advent Calendars.  All I want is a simple classy wood advent calendar under $50.  No.  Can’t be found.  I realize that, much like toddler pajamas, the point is for the kids.  That is why they are aaaaall puffy painted with snowmen and reindeer. 

Can a simple wood advent calendar be found?  Yes:

For $79 (not including s&h) from Pottery Barn.  Love it — it’s kinda vintage-y and industrial.  But I’m not paying $79 for binder clips tacked onto a piece of MDF.  Again, I’ve scoured Le Internet and I’m not finding what I like.  So this is what we’re doing instead:

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Obviously the real problem is that I have expensive taste and a cheap budget.  I can’t be alone in this, right?


top image via pinterest


2 thoughts on “A problem with patterns.

    • Erin – I can’t wait to see your decorations, since I love your decorating already! BTW – I went to a great thrift shop the other day — the boys & girls club thrift store near Artco craft store & Pearl Ave. Have you been there? I was kinda impressed by their furniture!

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