Weekend Recap: Spooktacular!

This weekend was packed with Halloween preparations.  We made Mason’s costume, carved pumpkins with friends, decorated our trunk for the neighborhood Trunk or Treat and had the family over for dinner.  It didn’t seem like is was going to be so much last Friday…Here goes:

Mason’s Costume was an undertaking.  I found a tutorial on pinterest for a Thomas the Tank Engine costume made out of cardboard, round concrete forms and a lot of spray paint.

I won’t even tell you what time this was.

Voila!  The tutorial was for a wearable cardboard box costume but we went a little overboard so zip-tied it to the wagon.

And it worked great for containing a two-year-old who wouldn’t wait patiently in line for candy.

Trunk or Treat is a big deal in our neighborhood because we don’t have many sidewalks or street lights.  Our trunk was kind of a last-minute deal but we pulled it off. 

More Thomas.  We played old steam train noises through the car speakers and had a fog machine.  You can’t see it very well but Thomas is coming through a brick tunnel.  It was spooooky.

Trick or Treating with Mason was fun this year because he was so excited about saying “trick or treat” and getting candy. 

We ended the day with movies, loads of candy … and lots of teeth-brushing.


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