Boo! Halloween decorations are up!

I normally don’t do plain fall decorations and save it all for Halloween. This year, I did fall stuff and then mid-October realized I had a shoebox full of skulls that needed to be displayed.

Mason is in LOVE with all of our “pooky” {he can’t say spooky} decorations. This is the first time he’s been excited to help decorate for a holiday. It was so cute — we let him pick where he would display is pumpkin that he picked at the pumpkin patch.

I don’t do any of the “automated serial killers that scream and try to stab you when you walk by” stuff. I like GLITTER GLITTER GLITTER. The spooky village is all black glitter, and the spider hanging from the mirror has orange glitter all over it.

You know what else is great about Halloween decorations? You can keep your dying plants out on display. The one time of the year they look spookily appropriate. Sorry agave. We just haven’t found the right spot of sunlight for you.

I’m really proud of my trick or treat sign:  it’s a window decal that I put over the top of a framed picture that I already had on top of the bookcase. Just stuck it over the top!


One thought on “Boo! Halloween decorations are up!

  1. Hey! THanks for commenting on my blog~ It’s really awesome to find another blogger in the area especially with a little one! Fantastic halloween decorations!? I’m still working on mine slowly but, surly. Are you going to any halloween stuff in the area. Were going to proctor’s little deal….Oh, love your brass shelving! (seriously) you are so lucky to have found that 🙂 I’ll check back!
    Keep in touch!

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