…Or what I did with 40 tomatoes.

Do you ever indulge in the daydream that you are living in the Tuscan countryside in a 16th century villa and you grow your own herbs and tomatoes and probably wine and you use your bounty to make homemade bread and tomato sauce while drinking a glass of wine grown from your vineyard and listening to Vivaldi?

I do.

And what does one do when caught up in a fantasy?  Go with it!  Drink that glass of wine!  Turn up the Vivaldi!

Now back to reality … it’s midnight on a Tuesday night and you are waiting for tomatoes to cool so you can puree them.  You’ve spent three hours de-stemming, chopping, seasoning and roasting in order to use up the 5 lbs. of soon-to-be rotting tomatoes on your counter {the fruit flies had begun to hover}.

But you did it yourself!  From scratch, damn it!  Your do-it-all provider and homemaker need is fulfilled, you have a profound sense of accomplishment and it smells like a 16th c. Tuscan villa probably would if homemade tomato sauce roasted all day.

And you end up with 3-1/2 cups of tomato sauce.  It tastes good, but not too unlike the $1.79 can of Hunts you saw at Safeway today.

Seriously though – it is good sauce and I’m glad I can say I’ve done it.  The recipe I used was super easy, so didn’t involve peeling or de-seeding.  But just buy the stuff at the store.  Who are we kidding?  Unless you have a Tuscan villa.  Then you really should be making all this stuff from scratch.


2 thoughts on “…Or what I did with 40 tomatoes.

  1. This is why the remaining tomatoes in my garden are just rotting away outside. None of the guilt of having them shame me every time I walk into the kitchen.

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