Farewell to summer food

We had amazing weather this last weekend for this time of year — sunny, unseasonably warm.   It gave such closure to summer to be able to wear shorts, play outside and leave the windows open.  To celebrate, we had a festive summery dinner on Friday:  ratatouille, quinoa and fresh figs with prosciutto.  I was inspired to make ratatouille by this blog {thanks for the idea!} that has a recipe for ratatouille like from the movie Ratatouille.  The movie is one of Mason’s absolute favorites — mine, too — so we played the movie while Mason helped me cook.  Although I think he was confused because he thinks the rat’s name is ratatouille, so I wonder if he thought we were eating rat.  We weren’t.

I made spiced fig and ricotta pancakes on Saturday morning and they were AMAZING.  Mason ate 7 pancakes {and they were not just the little silver dollar ones}.  The recipe was in the October issue of House Beautiful and I can’t find it online.  Highly recommend!

We just had amazing home-cooked meals all weekend, if I do say so myself.  On Sunday, my sister-in-law Chrissy and I made the best salad ever:  grilled chicken, turkey bacon, spinach, a kind of white cheddary cheese, grilled peaches and cucumbers.  Pretty proud of ourselves.


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