Two and a half

Mason turns two and a half tomorrow, and all of the above is true for him.  He’s such a happy, silly guy who says the funniest things:

  • On his first day of preschool, he offered me a glass of wine in the play kitchen.
  • To explain that he ate something, he’ll often say he “put it in his hole.”
  • He is telling everyone he has 5 babies in his tummy, and they are named Colin and Wesley {the names of our friends’ twins}.  These babies often push or take something away from someone he doesn’t like.
  • He does a really good pirate impersonation.  He can say “Aaargh” and “Shiver me timbers!” and makes an eye patch with his hand.
  • His favorite TV show is Dinosaur Train.
  • After he wakes up from his nap, he’ll race into our bed and get under the covers and say “Nice and warm and comfy cozy!”
  • His favorite color today was black.  Yesterday it was red.
  • He must play with his belly button when he sucks his thumb.
  • Second most common thing Mason says to someone new:  “I have a new toy.  Cranky the Crane.”  {We’ve had Cranky for about 2 months}.
  • If he doesn’t want to do something {getting in the car, picking up his toys, etc.}, he’ll say “it too dangerous.”
  • He plays a game where he’ll say “Thomas the Tank Engine poop poop!” and laugh like crazy.  Then he wants you to say it, then he’ll say it, back and forth.
  • The other day, he had just woken up from his nap and was sitting really close to Matt’s face and telling him over and over, “We go pick peaches! Peter pick pickled peppers!” and {accidentally} spitting every time he said a P word.
  • When he wakes up in the morning, he is ready to go.  No slowly waking up.  Mason slept in my bed the other night {Matt had to work reeeeally late late} and when he woke up, he just launched into a really loud story about his trains and telling me, “Come on, mom. Wake up.”

My day with Mason today:

  • 6:55 am:  Mason stayed in my bed so has been tossing and turning, waking himself up for the last 30 minutes.  He’s now fully awake, sitting upright, and telling me about his trains. 
  • 7:00:  Time to go potty and change into a pull-up .  He, as usual, claims he is dry as we walk to the bathroom but my nose believes differently.  He loooooves his pajamas and would wear them all day long.  It’s early today so I don’t push it.
  • 7:10:  Milk in a sippy cup downstairs, or “mook” as he calls it.  Let Bruno outside.  Turn on Sesame Street and I fall back into a half-sleep on the sofa with Mason laying beside me watching Elmo.
  • 8:30:  Feeling bad about sleeping while my kid watches TV {even though I’m in the same room with him}.  Get up, “make” us cereal {a combo of corn chex and Trader Joe’s brand frosted mini wheats}.  Feed Bruno.  Matt gets home from a reeeeeallly late night of work.
  • 9:00:  Talk over some work stuff Matt needs me to do and get started on a few of those quick emails.
  • 9:20:  We have a chiropractor appointment at 10:20, and it takes 20 minutes to get there so we should start getting ready now.  I get ready {no shower today}, get Mason dressed and chat with Matt.
  • 10:00:  Out the door.
  • 10:20:  At the chiropractor.  Reminders about holding hands in the parking lot.
  • 11:15:  Back home.  Snack time, then Mason goes outside to play.  I should have changed him into play clothes.  I clean up the house, sort through mail, etc. then head outside to see what he’s up to. 
  • 12:00:  Attach the new bell that came with his bike helmet to his bike.  He takes it apart and loses a piece {note to self: plan to throw out bell in near future}.  We try to spray paint something but I can’t get the lid off the can {my blood sugar has tanked — am powerless}.  He’s distraught about this, crying, wailing, open it mommy open it do it.  I decide it’s lunchtime.
  • 12:05:  Strip him down on the back deck to his pull-ups {he’s covered in smashed raspberries and dirt}.  He plays trains while I start lunch.
  • 12:15:  Hot dogs for lunch!  And snap peas.  He eats 3 bites and spills my water glass all over me.  He’s super wound-up and falls off his chair numerous times.  I change into sweats.
  • 12:45:  Read books downstairs.  He calms down. 
  • 1:00:  Upstairs for naptime.  He’s actually excited about it, especially the part that his favorite blanket is fresh out of the dryer.
  • 1:15:  He’s asleep.  I’m exhausted {up too late the night before}.  Finish a couple work items for Matt.  Send in our order for the materials for our back deck.  Change laundry, clean up lunch.
  • 2:00:  Half fall asleep on the couch with Bruno.
  • 2:25:  Wake up.  Finally shower today.
  • 3:00:  Start to wake Mason up.  We have an appointment to get my car fixed at 4, which means we need to leave at 3:30.  Get myself ready and Mason up.  Pack snacks for the car ride, since he’ll be hungry from his nap and we won’t have time to eat before we leave.
  • 3:35:  In the car.
  • 4:00:  Arrive at Cartoys, one of my least favorite places.  I need my car alarm removed and the radio/dvd player won’t work.
  • 4:10:  Rather than keep Mason busy in a Cartoys for 2 hours, I push him in the stroller over to the mall.  Not the most pedestrian-friendly road to push a child along but no one dies.
  • 4:30:  Need. water.  80 degrees and feels like 90% humidity.  We practice Mason’s alphabet with the ABC cookies he gets at the Nordstrom cafe while I suck down an iced tea.
  • 4:45:  Shoe shopping {for him, not me}. 
  • 5:15:  Let Mason run around the mall playground.  Always grossed out by these but they serve a purpose.  Trying not to visualize the amount of fecal matter on the play toys.
  • 5:45:  Cartoys calls.  They need another hour.  Wow.
  • 6:15:  Nutritious dinner at McDonalds in the mall.  Whatever.
  • 6:45:  Stroller back to Cartoys.
  • 7:00:  On the road!  Oh drat, they disconnected the quick buttons on my steering wheel from my radio.  Will have to go back to get that fixed.
  • 7:15:  Dairy Queen drive through.  We deserve it.
  • 7:35:  Home!  Let Bruno out and feed him dinner.
  • 8:00:  Playing trains with Mason but smelling something.  Playtime is over for those of us who poop our pants.  Up to the bath.
  • 8:30:  Story time and more mook.  His favorite right now is “Fred and Ted Go Camping” and “101 Dalmations.”
  • 8:45:  Jammies and teeth brushing. 
  • 9:00:  Dad is home from work!  Mason is excited to show him his new shoes that look just like daddy’s!
  • 9:15:  Mason is in bed.  Matt and I park it on the couch with our laptops.
  • 12:00:  To bed!





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