Voila! Brass bookshelves update

Oops! Forgot to include the “after” pick. Updated!

Remember those “brass” bookshelves I told you about last month?  The ones I’m sure you rolled your eyes at.  It’s okay.  I’m not offended.  I am confident in my Craigslist scores.  Although I will admit they are not brass, not even brass plated. 

What I love about them is their shape.  I wanted a Parsons-style bookshelf that wasn’t solid on the sides, since the corner I’m working with is pretty small.  It is so hard to find one the right dimensions, not to mention the right color.  I ordered and returned several, all much more expensive {well, these were $35 for two so everything is more expensive}.

Here’s my AFTER:

I am quite pleased.  I still need to play with the displays on the shelves but overall I am very, very happy. 

Storing antique linens and tablecloths in some great baskets I found.

I tossed the glass shelves that it came with {which were awesome smoked black glass that, true to its name, actually smelled smokey – gross} because they were chipped on the sides and I didn’t feel comfortable having a toddler playing under 6 feet of glass shelves.  Call me old-fashioned.

Instead, I replaced the black glass with plexiglass acrylic shelves I had custom-cut by a plastics shop here in Tacoma.  I got the idea from the awesome Jordan from Oh Happy Day, who had acrylic cut for cake platters.  The one downside to these shelves is that they can’t bear a lot of weight without bowing.  I even had them cut to 3/8″ thick {thanks to the recommendation from the plastics shop} but they still can’t handle much.  In the end, that’s fine — I don’t want really heavy stuff up there anyway, in case it tips over {although we are going to secure it to the wall}.

Now I just have to get rid of that hideous wainscotting and carpet.  Barf.


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