Craft semi-fail: DIY oilcloth table cover

Ages ago, I put this DIY oilcloth table cover tutorial on my to-do list.  But since I don’t know how to thread the sewing machine {Matt has showed me countless times; it just doesn’t work with my learning/remembering style}, the oilcloth I bought last fall just sat in our laundry room.  Until last week.

Here it is!


It’s fine, it will do.  It certainly is much easier to wipe up spills and toddler crafts.  But mine didn’t turn out great.  Not because of the tutorial — that was perfect.  My problem was (1) a table wider than the roll of oilcloth I bought, (2) a non-rectangular table and (3) my forever curse, impatience.

The original tutorial was for a skinny rectangular table.  My table is octagonal so I tried to just tweak it to make it work and it just doesn’t.  As a beginner sewer, I’m certainly not stressing about the imperfectly edged scallops.  And I like that it looks cute.  But it doesn’t have the scallop trim on one long side and one corner of the table, so it slides off the table really easy whenever anyone pulls on it.  I still like this idea, though.


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