Brass Bookshelves — wait before you judge.

I scored another great deal on Craigslist last weekend — two big shelves for $35!!

Bookshelves have always been on my “need” list but I hadn’t found the perfect ones.  I literally have been eyeing bookshelves for two years but the dimensions had to be just right.  Mine aren’t 100% perfect but they were $35 — c’mon.   

Here’s more photos to convince you how awesome they’re going to eventually be:

via pinterest

also from pinterest

via chapman interiors blog

You just wait.  Although, I admit that putting these brass shelves in their condition on our awesome tan carpet could result in this

…which we’re not really going for.


2 thoughts on “Brass Bookshelves — wait before you judge.

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  2. Those brass shelves in the first photo are gorgeous! (with the black wall,photo from Do you have any idea where one can purchase these?
    Cheers / Linda

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