Summer To-Do List

Update:  The ones we’ve done I’ve crossed out.

{Mason and his cousin Luca last summer}

It’s time!  My most absolute favorite favorite favorite season of the year.  I wish it were summer all year long.  Joy joy joy joy joy!

I love reading other blogger’s summer wish-lists {like this one} and am determined to accomplish the following {without overcommitting ourselves}.  This is my summer fun list, not my “have to do” list like finish potty training Mason or clean out the garage again.

  1. Go camping in a tent.
  2. Make homemade jam.
  3. Kayak.
  4. Take a class {focus of class TBD}.
  5. Eat broccoli, zucchini and lettuce grown in our garden.
  6. Go to the drive-in.
  7. Pick berries.
  8. Go to the Tacoma Flea Market/swap meet.
  9. Hit up the following gelaterias and ice cream shops:  D’Ambrosio Gelateria, Fainting Goat Gelato, Half Pint, Procopio Gelateria, Molly Moon’s, Mora Iced Creamery, etc etc etc.
  10. See the last Harry Potter movie.
  11. Go to a festival (lavendar in Sequim? Scottish Highland Games in Enumclaw? Solstice Parade in Fremont? Bumbershoot? hmmm.)
  12. Go on a hike.
  13. Make gluten-free crusty bread from scratch.
  14. Play in the Puget Sound at Dash Point State Park.
  15. Make popsicles.
  16. Get Mason’s face painted.
  17. Hit up the local farmer’s market.
  18. Take Matt’s ’58 Chevy Impala out for a Sunday drive.
  19. Go to a Mariner’s game.
  20. Go to a local water park.
  21. Go to a rodeo.
  22. Make a blueberry ice cream pie.
  23. Sidewalk chalk the driveway.
  24. Bring home watermelons from Hermiston.
  25. Have a long, boozy brunch {this is not on Mason’s list}.

I also have my own personal list with really deep things like “Become more authentic” and “Reduce size of inner thighs” but then you would hold me to those resolutions and I don’t want to disappoint. 

To summer!  {Downs glass of vinho verde.  Check that off the list.}


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