Dinnery Party.

Me & my sisters-in-law {Jeannie, Nicole & Chrissy} and my mother-in-law, Angie 

My in-laws started a quarterly tradition last weekend of hosting a dinner party with all the dishes based on one regional cuisine.  They hosted French night.  I can’t find my list of the actual names of these dishes so I’m improvising.

Appetizer:  Artichoke leaves on the bottom, then a puree of mushrooms and walnuts and a bunch of other stuff with cheese on top, prepared by Chrissy & Justin.   I ate 4.  Not a good way to start a 5-course meal.


Next up:  Shrimp Bisque, prepared by moi.  Meh.  A little watery and bland.

And then:  Broccoli thingies in a fancy shape (not Fancy Feast), with a lemony butter sauce, prepared by Jeannie.

Main course:  Roast duck with orange sauce and almond rice pilaf, prepared by Randy & Angie.  Very good.

Dessert:  Chocolate loaf (I don’t remember exactly what it was called but I remember an explanation about how the translation resulted in “loaf,” which isn’t nearly as exciting as the French name for it).  Prepared by Nicole, with Fabio’s contribution of the chocolate-covered espresso beans.

Fancy Action Shots from our Evening:

It was a success!

Next up?  Chrissy & Justin hosting a Mediterranean dinner in June.


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