REORG 2011: Gut the garage. Step 1.

I am documenting the reorganization progress of my very disorganized home.  Consider yourself warned.  Check out previous REORG 2011 projects {the pantry, bathroom cupboards} here.

Two years ago, Matt and his sister Jeannie surprised me for Mother’s Day by cleaning out our garage.  It was a miracle, considering that you couldn’t walk in there before.  You can see the ‘after’ pictures of that here.

Shocker — our garage got filthy again.  And not just filthy.  CRAMMED with junk.  Prepare yourself…

And now…

We installed super-industrial shelving unit from Costco (I couldn’t find it online though) that holds a ton of plastic bins.  I still need to go back through these bins and purge a ton of stuff and then label them, but at least they’re up off the ground.

I seriously trimmed my collection of vases.

Finally, a way to keep all the shovels, rakes and brooms organized.

This was just step 1.  Next?  The garage attic.  Yikes.

Meanwhile, somebody who lived here before us apparently was a house painter because there is all this old paint left that we have to dispose of.  Joy.


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