Shopping for sheets.

We have one set of sheets for our bed.  According to Martha, that’s pretty sad.  {Thought that just occurred to me:  Martha has a bedding line.  Maybe that’s why she wants me to have three sets of sheets for each bed.  Smart.}  It needs to happen because it’s a pain to wash, dry and re-sheet the bed and duvet {god that thing is a pain} in the same day.

In true Adrianne form, I have been shopping for an extra set of sheets for our bed for — literally — months.  I want something with a pattern, ideally with orange or plum incorporated, but I don’t want to spend a crazy amount of money.  The sheets on the bed now are white and … wow – just realizing they’re from Martha Stewart/Macy’s.  She got me again!

These lean toward the “crazy amount of money” category but I love them.

These might be the way to go but they’re from West Elm and I just have it made up in my mind that they’re scratchy.  Does anyone have any experience with West Elm sheets?  Maybe they’re really not scratchy.

Serena & Lily now carry sheets for adult beds, not just nurseries.  Like.

Reviewing these pictures, I’m seeing a theme.  Dots. 

Or should I just go with classic white with some embroidery, like these {but obviously with a different monogram font}?  Hmm…

top image via here


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