What We’re Eating: Pineapple Upside Down Cake (gluten free)

No one loves cooking more than this kid.  This week, we took on a gluten-free pineapple upside down cake.  Refresher here:  I’ve been eating gluten-free for three weeks, per doctor’s orders. 

I had heard that gluten-free baking can be challenging so didn’t have high expectations for this cake.  But it actually turned out really good.

I stocked up on a couple of gluten-free basics ahead of time (Bob’s Red Mill All Purpose Flour, xantham gum to help with consistency).  One of the challenges to gluten-free baking for me is the huge variety of wheat-flour substitutes to choose from (tapioca flour? almond flour? guar gum?) and not knowing what is best for what type of baking.  Plus, it’s expensive.  It’s not like I can throw a $3.00 bag of flour in my cart.  I’m sure I’ll learn as I go…

The recipe I used was from the Bob’s Red Mill site (love their products — and they’re from Oregon!).  I used a 9×13″ baking pan instead of a skillet, which probably made the crusty sugary part at the bottom less dense.  Next time, I’m going to double the butter/brown sugar that goes on the bottom of the pan.  C’mon, that’s the only reason to eat this cake anyway.

It wasn’t the light fluffy yellow-cake-mix-from-a-box flavor that I normally expect from a pineapple upside down cake.  It was almost more like cornbread, so still very yummy.  I’m learning to set my expectations with gluten-free eating.  Don’t expect an exact replica of the wheat-based product, cause you won’t get it. 

That doesn’t mean it won’t be good, though.


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