REORG 2011: Bathroom

I am documenting the reorganization progress of my very disorganized home.  Consider yourself warned.  Check out my first REORG 2011 project {the pantry} here.

Let the reorganizing continue!  Now it’s on to the downstairs bathroom because, quite frankly, it was the next easiest project to do.  The upstairs bathroom, closets and garage are quite daunting. 

Now don’t let the awesome peach and mint green tile in our bathroom distract you from the mess that was the medicine cabinet {which, I might add, is enormous}.  This cupboard had become the repository of random stuff, mostly soap.  Let’s get cleaning.

Step 1:  Take everything out of the cabinet and sort into piles on the floor.  And then throw a bunch of junk away.

I even cleaned out the cabinet with Windex and a rag {which, not to gross you out if you’ve been to my home, but I don’t think I’ve ever done that since we moved in}.


There’s actually a lot more stuff in the cabinet now, but it’s stuff that guests would want or need, like dental floss or bandaids or mints rather than decorative soaps.

Soothing, isn’t it?  Onward, to the next REORG 2011 project!


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