Gift Help: Valentine’s

With Valentine’s right around the corner, the husband and I had an interesting conversation last night about gift giving and gift expectations.  Sorry, no plate-throwing or tears were involved.  But I did realize that even though I think of myself as a very easy person to buy gifts for, he dreads it.  I’m sure most guys are this way.  With that in mind, here is my annual Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Advice.

Romance, romance, romance.  Pink.  Red.  Hearts.  Flowers.  Sappy, girly stuff.  If you’re going to buy jewelry, to me, this is the holiday to do it.

My ideal Valentine’s:

  • Definitely a date.  I love trying new restaurants so you can’t go wrong here.  A new Red Robin doesn’t count.
  • Gift:  Flowers and/or something sparkly or pretty.   I don’t necessarily mean diamonds, either (although they will be accepted).   All the jewelry I included on my idea list below is costume jewelry!
  • Card:  Not necessary.




necklace, image via here

jo malone red roses perfume

rose bowl filled with roses would be expensive, but this bowl has been on my wish-list forever!

red wellies — warm toes are romantic!

Other worthwhile Valentine’s Day round-ups:  here and here.

images via here


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