At Home: One week down!

Mason loves drinking hot tea with mama (his is warm water with a little sugar).

My first official week at home is behind me.  I’m feeling good.

Ever the list-maker, here’s the big stuff I accomplished:

  • Reorganized my pantry (check out the before and after of that next week)
  • Three aerobics classes
  • Two swimming lessons
  • Two bouts of diahrrea (not me)
  • New cough acquired (not me)
  • Personal filing done
  • One great grandma visited
  • Converted all bills to paperless auto drafts
  • Re-found my driver’s license
  • Multiple loads of laundry and dishes and cleaning and bank going and chiropractor appointments and trips to the seamstress etc etc etc.

Do you, too, feel the need to keep track of your accomplishments to make your week feel legit? 

That’s going to be my biggest challenge while at home with Mason.  It’s hard for me to sit and play blocks or trains and not think about the stuff I could be accomplishing.  And I feel terrible about that.  But I’d be lying if I said that is was a completely seamless transition with no second thoughts or rough moments.  So much of my identity has been my work that I will probably struggle for a bit to be comfortable with my new identity. 

The grass is always greener, no matter how recently you left your other pasture.

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