More Christmas Updates

We’re almost there!  Despite narrowly avoiding two Christmas disasters last night*, I think we’re set.  Tonight, we’re going to distribute our neighbor gifts to our three favorite neighbors.  The bags are from Target ($.50 each, yay) and are filled with the not-so gourmet but always yummy pretzel-rolo-pecan turtles.

Most of the gifts are wrapped, except for a couple of Matt and Mason’s.  I fell for this wood-grain gift wrap when I saw it in the window of a Container Store in New York City last month.  You only get two sheets so it doesn’t go far, but I like it mixed with plain kraft paper and green gift wrap.

Once again, our old piano hosts the blue, pink and silver Christmas village.  I forgot to plug in the bulbs that light up the village before I packed up all the storage bins. oh well.

When we were cleaning out my grandma’s garage last week {sadly, she had to move out of her home into assisted living, but it’s a good thing}, Matt came across these old wooden skiis.**  No one else wanted them so we took them home and hung some twine off them to display our Christmas cards.

And what Christmas decor is complete without a toddler wearing fleece footie pajamas and cowboy boots, and a random {although clean} diaper in the corner?  He actually posed for this.  If you say ‘cheese,’ he’ll stand still and let you take his picture.  He won’t smile, though.

* Christmas (Almost) Disaster #1:  Apparently I threw one of Mason’s gifts (a sweater and pair of jeans from the Gap) into the garbage.  I realized it about 11:30 Monday night when I got my second wind and decided to wrap our remaining gifts.  Couldn’t find his stuff anywhere.  Searched the entire house.  Made Matt check the garbage can, which was out at the curb waiting for pick-up only 7 hours later.  Voila!  Luckily, the clothes weren’t buried too deep and were still in their clear plastic bags from shipping.  Although if they hadn’t been in the clear plastic bags in the first place, I never would have thrown them away.

** Christmas (Almost) Disaster #2:  As I was searching for Mason’s gifts last night, I slammed the door and the skiis fell over onto the Christmas tree.  Only one glass ornament was broken but it meant I had to get out the vaccuum at 11:45 pm.


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