Safe for Kiddos: Our Stairs

We have treacherous stairs.  The rise on each step is something like 2″ higher than normal, so they’re steep {but they are a great ass workout, not that I am any sort of proof}.  But they also have enough space to fit a small child between each baluster {I looked it up cause I didn’t know what you call them, but apparently that is the correct word for the thingies that hold up a rail}.  Coincidentally, we *have* a small child who fits perfectly between each baluster. 

Long story short, it was time to child-proof the stairs.  Step #1 was to install better baby gates, which we did at the top and bottom of the stairs {you can see the one at the top in the first picture}.  Our local handyman Lou made these, and they’re great.  They have magnets you can use to close the gate if you don’t want to lock them all the way, or hooks to really secure them.

Matt secured a long sheet of plexi-glass along the inside of the railing with zip ties {much of our baby-proofing has been done with zip ties}.  He drilled little holes for the zip ties to go through and wrap around each baluster.  The plexi-glass came in pre-cut sheets from Home Depot, which made the process easier, as plexi-glass tends to shatter and crack when you drill into it.

It’s such a relief to have this done.  You can’t even see the plexi-glass {duh, that’s the point}, and the zip ties really don’t stand out.  Nice work, Matt!

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