Office Redo

Side note:  Work has been insanely busy these last two weeks and will continue that way for a while. Patience and forgiveness for the scarcity of posts.  Not that I’m delusional enough to think that my lack of posting has somehow negatively impacted your life.  Just sayin’.

I’ve been thinking about redoing my office at work.

“Why don’t you just clean it?”

Yes, that is a viable — and inexpensive! — option that would totally transform it.  And that will be part of it.

But it needs more.  And it definitely needs a pinboard covered in amazing fabric.

So I started browsing Craigslist {after hours, of course!} and what did I find??  The perfect ikea desk for $10!  Matt was a doll and hauled it home from Seattle for me.

It looks something like this.

I wanted this but $300 vs. $10 was a no-brainer.

In the end, I hope it resembles this office.  And I’m going to do it for hopefully around $50.

  • Nail hole filler & paint {it’s already there, just have to add elbow grease} – $0
  • Rug from home that I totally forgot about but love anyway – check! – $0
  • Desk from craigslist – check! – $10
  • Desklamp that was going to Goodwill but has been rescued – check! (It does need a new lampshade though) – $8
  • Potted orchid – Ikea or Costco – $15
  • Removing unnecessary and underutilized furniture from the office, like the HP LaserJet 5 sitting on the floor that doesn’t work, or the filing cabinets that have nothing in them, or the Quasar TV on top of the filing cabinets with a **dial** to change the channel – $0
  • Replace the Quasar with our extra TV from home – check! – $0 (and it gets that out of our house!
  • Pinboard and fabric – $20?

Check back for progress!

two ellie; ikea; west elm; blue hydrangea


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