Tonight, I babyproofed the upstairs bathroom:  all cleaning and bathroom products were moved from the cabinet under the sink to the hall closet {up high}.  We also cleaned the entire bathroom {my least favorite chore} and I threw out a ton of stuff we had accumulated over the last year {disposable underwear gifted to me by the hospital when we took Mason home — gone!}.

We need to do more babyproofing upstairs:

  • baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs
  • plug-in covers on all the outlets
  • move all cords and wires off the ground in the office
  • he’s not quite there yet, but we also need to install a couple window locks

Wow – she looks so happy to have Harvest Oak AND Natural Oak babygates in her home.  Or maybe she’s super psyched to have found her favorite white sweater, because she loves to tie it over her shoulders.

Babycenter has a great checklist of all things to be babyproofed here.  Can’t wait till we have to lock our toilet.

stove image, stairs image


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