Crafting Super Extravaganza


Matt’s grandma’s 90th birthday is this month and I was so happy that his Aunt Diane asked me to do the invitations.  It was an assembly line of crafty goodness today.  Matt has some serious stamping skills. {Thank you for sharing your talents, Matt}.

And a big, sarcastic thank you to Paper Source Bellevue for not putting half of my purchases in my bag {not a big deal if I didn’t live an hour away from the store}.  The most annoying part?  I call Paper Source to see if they have my purchases there and girl on the phone says, “Oh, it happens quite often that we forget to put things in people’s shopping bags.” Really!??? That’s, like, a pretty top-tier priority I would think .. you know, getting the merchandise in the bag. 


2 thoughts on “Crafting Super Extravaganza

  1. Well those look totally different! I love them so much more! Good work Adrianne! I wish i could have stayed and joined the stamping party!!!

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