New to my newsstand…

“New-to-me” blogs that I am super excited about subscribing to this week…

My Favorite and My Best:  I’ve been reading this one for a while and love it, but just finally “subscribed.”  {No that did not require quotation marks, but it somehow felt right}.  Jenny”s freaking hilarious, brilliantly honest and has fantastic taste.

Copy Cat Chic:  Do you like a deal?  Do you want to know where you can find a knock-off of that Anthropologie chandelier/WSHome lamp/Pottery Barn anything for a fraction of the price?  READ THIS BLOG.

La Maison Boheme: Her Shelves and Storage post inspired me to affix our vintage-y wire baskets to the wall of our “entry.” {Quotation marks are appropriate here because our “entry” is the 3’x3′ area immediately after you open the door where the carpet is dingy-er.  One of my top 5 complaints about our house is that there isn’t a separate entry room; instead, you walk right into the living room.}  The basket affixin’ hasn’t happened yet, but it will.

* * *



2 thoughts on “New to my newsstand…

  1. Oooh I love this!! I want to paint my whole house black now. Not really, but I love it. I also found the Paint it Black pieces she did where they paint the outside of the house black. LOVE IT. If Rob would let me do it, it’d be done next week.

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