Our little world traveller can now add Florida and the Bahamas to his list of places he’s napped.  We spent last week with my parents and visited my little bro Alex in Florida.  Mason did great on the plane, on the cruise and during our marathon days at Disneyworld.  A few of the highlights…

 A real gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian Hotel in Orlando.

In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room.

A scary pirate in Nassau.

Obviously free drinks were involved here {little bro Alex and dad at the Polynesian luau}.

The butterfly gardens in Key West.  I have to sing the praises of the ErgoBaby Carrier we used the entire trip.  There were a lot of times and places Mason couldn’t nap {like Disneyworld} but he’d fall asleep in his carrier when I wore him on the front and it would at least get him 30-45 minutes of sleeping while waiting for a ride or during a show.  Plus, it has this infant head support that covers up his head and kept the sun off of him yet was still cool enough in the 85 degree Florida heat.  Definitely recommend!

Other lessons learned from travelling with an 8-month-old:

  • Plastic cups = cheap toys:  Mason played with them at every meal and it kept him occupied.  And who cares if he drops it?  You just get another one.  Don’t haul a bunch of toys with you, just plastic cups.
  • Disney is so family friendly. Duh, right?  But their Baby Care Center was amazing {they even had private nursing rooms that were dark, air-conditioned and had rocking chairs, and they sold baby food so you don’t have to haul yours in/out} and made it so easy to change and feed Mason.  Plus, they have this neato pass system where one parent can go on the ride while the other waits with the kid{s}, but then they can switch and the other parent gets to go on the ride immediately, no waiting in line twice.  Genius.
  • Go to loud, busy restaurants:  No one cares if your kid is screaming because they can’t hear him over their own screaming children. 
  • Babies love to drink out of straws and pick it up quickly {at least Mason did} so grab a few extra for the diaper bag.
  • Also steal an extra couple of those mini boxes of Cheerios from the cruise ship for your diaper bag.

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